Tinwoo wireless earbuds

Tinwoo wireless earbuds

OK, I am the first to admit that i ‘generally’ will steer clear of cheap Chinese electronics, but lately I have had a string of incredible luck! I purchased a pair of VHF handheld radios by Yaesu and they are just plain awesome and the easiest radios to work with, my favorites so far… so great that I also bought a truck mounted VHF radio as well – amazing! Then, last week, I received my Yi Lite action camera (more to come on this in another posting… but I am so very impressed with this little unit. I would not say it is better than a GoPro Hero 7 Black, but for the money – it just kicks ass!

I digress… my son, who is 10 and completely relentless when he gets something in his head will not stop asking for this pair of Earbuds. He also has his own money to burn, so who am I to say no? Tonight, we ordered a set for him after making him do loads of research on his own. The reviews look decent, and I am hopeful that he gets some great value out of them. We will review them in-depth once they arrive. Stay tuned as he compares them to his fake Beat Solo3 (I tease him all of the time about his Deats by Br Bre’s) wireless headphones that he loves so much.

UPDATE on the Tinwoo Wireless Earbuds: So, my son has been using them for quite some time – he is 10, and he loves them! They seem to be well built, durable and hold a charge well. There have been some oddities with regards to them though. They did not work well at all with his (my) old Samsung S6 running Android- only one earbud would connect to Bluetooth at a time. He then switched to an old iPhone 6S and that issue has gone away! I tried them out – they are comfortable, stay inside the ear well and the sound is pretty OK – a fine budget choice if you are running an IOS based system!

I have little more refined taste when it comes to sound, and I much prefer my Sony MDR-XB950N1. These are loud, and sound great combined with excellent Bass, battery life is amazing even after 1 year of heavy use and you cannot beat the price. There are however some drawbacks such as an odd fit, noise cancelling is just OK and the sound range and comfort is not quite as refined as my Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones (these ones are the best sounding and most comfortable).

So, a good, better, much better Situation! Thanks for looking!


Hey Elon, please send me a Starlink system and sponsor me so I can just disappear into the bush with my computer!

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