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New Episode Published

Episode 11 – Not Dead – A much more cheerful, forward looking podcast  *New* The other day, I posted a really awful piece of audio.. I was feeling really down and for whatever reason, I decided to record myself and post it as a podcast. Not a great idea, but I am going to leave it where it is. It helped to me reflect on my vision – for this podcast. Positivity first. When I started this podcast, I was inspired… I had some pretty great focus, huge ideas, some well-laid plans, and one massively

I did a thing

It is the end of an era in the Gutty home. I have sold my very faithful HP Z820 beast of a workstation which I have been using as my day to day everything computer for the past 5 years. It had almost everything a power-user could want in a machine.. almost. Weighing in at almost 60 lbs. as mine was configured, and with whopping dimensions of 17.5 x 8.0 x 20.7 in without monitors! The price one used to pay for performance was fourfold 1. Price 2. mass and size 3. energy consumption, and

Smart Business cards from

A few months ago – we did an experiment where we ordered blank NFC cards from Amazon, printed some labels & attached them and then programmed them with some specialized software. It was very cool and reasonably economical… sadly, the solution had a very short lifespan. The ink would smudge quickly, the process itself was cumbersome and the printers & software to print the actual cards can go into the ten’s of thousands of dollars. After our mostly failed experiment, we did some shopping around and found these little beauties! Smart business cards from

Yes, read the book!

The page above is a capture of my “Your Special Year” calendar on my iPad Pro. It reminded me to pick this book up for the second time today for a little review! Here is a photo of my copy. It is still in pretty good condition considering how many times I pick it up in a week. I am reading it for the 6th time in almost 4 years, plus I listened to the audio book a few times… and while I am not YET rich in money, there are some serious pearls of

M1 MacBook Pro 13″ & all the goodies!

With just one week before WWDC 2021 (June 07) and with all of the rumours swirling surrounding the imminent release of the new 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro’s, I decided to pull the trigger and buy an M1 MacBook Pro. I had this fat Apple store credit from an old 2013 Mac Pro that I had traded in that was burning a hole in my pocket… and I just had a feeling that ALL of the predictions were false. Fast forward to today – July 25, and the rumours have started again, but I am

Timelapse painting

20+ hours of painting compressed into a few minutes of 4K video. Kristin, of HamFist.Ink Tattoos getting back to her roots during lockdown. Enjoy! Give her some love at: or #timelapse#video#paintingtimelapse#oilpaintingvideo#selftaughtartist thankyou for all your #computernerd help im looking forward to more of these! #canadianart#canadianartist#albertaart#albertaartist#innisfail#reddeer#reddeerartist#paint#dowhatyoulove#tattooartist#canadiantattoos#canadiantattooartist

Drone vs. Drone

When I pre-ordered my new Skydio 2 drone in late October last year, my intentions were to fly all summer long and collect loads of stock footage for use with building websites, making videos, and so on. As soon as I received my order number, my Phantom 4 Pro and my Mavic Pro went up for sale on Kijiji and it did not take long to sell them. I stashed the money away so I would have the cash once Skydio production caught up – sadly, COVID hit and Skydio shut down their California operations