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Phantom 5? DJI Event – September 8.

Update: This event was for the OSMO 5, but the DJ Mavic Pro 3 has since been released and it IS PRO AND it is $$$$ crazy expensive! Here is a little capture I received a mysterious email from DJI about 40 minutes ago with this photo and a link to “learn more”… sure, sure. The general consensus is that it is not for a Phantom 5 release at all, but rather for OSMO Mobile 5. What do you think? I am putting my money on the Phantom 5 series drones this time and, for

Drone vs. Drone

When I pre-ordered my new Skydio 2 drone in late October last year, my intentions were to fly all summer long and collect loads of stock footage for use with building websites, making videos, and so on. As soon as I received my order number, my Phantom 4 Pro and my Mavic Pro went up for sale on Kijiji and it did not take long to sell them. I stashed the money away so I would have the cash once Skydio production caught up – sadly, COVID hit and Skydio shut down their California operations

So far behind, But catching up!

I have been a writing fool lately! We have 2 new podcasts waiting to be released, and I am currently scripting a 3rd and sourcing some video for that. New gear reviews are forthcoming as I am also way behind on those. Coming up soon: Drone VS. Drone. My reviews and other info on my Parrot Anafi Work, my DJI Mavic Air 2, as well as comparisons between those 2 flying masterpieces (each are awesome for different reasons). I have another exciting project which has swallowed up a massive portion of my writing time and

Skydio 2 – An update from my end

Well, I ended up cancelling my order for my Skydio 2 – for a few big reasons! After reading much about the newest drone coming out from Skydio – the incredible specs, the amazing AI built in for obstacle avoidance, ability to fly nearly autonomously, and so on, I placed my deposit for the Skydio 2 on October 27, 2019 knowing that it would not be available for delivery until Q1 or Q2 of 2020. So you know, in this day and age, 8 months is an insanely long amount of time to wait for

Skydio 2

Skydio 2 – at long last, does DJI have a real competitor? Skydio 2, You complete me. You had me at 4k60! Seriously though, this thing looks like a beast and YES – I have put my deposit down for my pre-order. Full autonomy, 4K60, multiple ways to fly, built in the USA with American tech, the list goes on! Check it out here – There is not much for 3rd party accessories available at this time, but please do click on the Amazon links below if you are looking to purchase anything on

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

I am hoping to get a chance to fly one of these soon! My current fleet consists of 2 Mavic Pros and one Phantom 4 Pro. The Mavic is just such a great little drone to fly – smooth and stable and now with the upgraded Hasselblad camera! I did have a set of the DJI Goggles and I traded them for a busted up Phantom 4 Pro which I tore down completely and rebuilt. I think that the goggles are a must have for capturing videos and photos. Anyone near Red Deer, AB that

Transport Canada new drone rules & BIG news for some DJI owners

As of June 01 2019, Transport Canada has changed the rules – all drone owners in Canada should be aware before flying!! Follow along and we will talk about what you NEED to know, and where to find all of the information required to get you flying legally and safely. As well, huge news for owners of DJI drones who wanted to qualify for advanced operations – DJI has announced that 9 of its drones qualify for advanced operations and it was confirmed on the Transport Canada website. Know the rules before you fly! There