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This Crazy Ride Podcast is now in full swing!

All of the equipment is in place, the studio has been tested, guests and themes are in place and regular content is about to start flowing! Please check the podcast out here on or search for it on your favorite player. We are on Apple, Google, Spotify, and of course Anchor – which is hosting the podcast. Merchandise is going to be available very shortly in the Shop section

Microphone showdown – unbiased opinions on Podcast mic setups!

Are you ever skeptical when watching a YouTube video comparing microphones when the sound quality of the production is sub-par? How about when the comparison criteria is skewed in favor of a mic that the host is clearly promoting? Here is my unbiased opinion on all of the microphones that I have actually tried myself – no speculation about any others. I am not being sponsored by anyone, nor am

RØDECaster Pro – UPDATED!!

The RØDECaster™ Pro is the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned broadcast professional, the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio is all you will ever need. This is a very cool piece of gear… you have several options for your Podcast depending on your needs. If you are a solo person show, this is not needed but still could be