New Episode Published

New Episode Published

Episode 11 – Not Dead – A much more cheerful, forward looking podcast  *New*

The other day, I posted a really awful piece of audio.. I was feeling really down and for whatever reason, I decided to record myself and post it as a podcast. Not a great idea, but I am going to leave it where it is.

It helped to me reflect on my vision – for this podcast. Positivity first.

When I started this podcast, I was inspired… I had some pretty great focus, huge ideas, some well-laid plans, and one massively influential person in my life who was the catalyst behind the whole thing. That person is now gone, for whatever reason – I think, mostly because I lost the fire for a time but to be fair to myself – fire needs to be stoked occasionally and not completely abandoned to fizzle out slowly! I joke, but maybe it IS time to laugh about it for a change.

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Be kind to one another!


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