Month: June 2019

Tinwoo wireless earbuds

OK, I am the first to admit that i ‘generally’ will steer clear of cheap Chinese electronics, but lately I have had a string of incredible luck! I purchased a pair of VHF handheld radios by Yaesu and they are just plain awesome and the easiest radios to work with, my favorites so far… so great that I also bought a truck mounted VHF radio as well – amazing! Then, last week, I received my Yi Lite action camera (more to come on this in another posting… but I am so very impressed with this

Transport Canada new drone rules & BIG news for some DJI owners

As of June 01 2019, Transport Canada has changed the rules – all drone owners in Canada should be aware before flying!! Follow along and we will talk about what you NEED to know, and where to find all of the information required to get you flying legally and safely. As well, huge news for owners of DJI drones who wanted to qualify for advanced operations – DJI has announced that 9 of its drones qualify for advanced operations and it was confirmed on the Transport Canada website. Know the rules before you fly! There

Must Read Books for 2019!

Game-changing performance sometimes requires a game-changing perspective shift! Rewire your brain to allow yourself to experience success in matters of finance, in mental happiness, and in physical well being. I am not one to tout the merits of self-help books, but these 3 books are seriously excellent! If you would like to purchase any of these excellent examples, please click on my links below where a tiny commission will go a long way in providing additional future content. Thank You! “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill – Whether you pick up the original, or

DJI OSMO Action – YES!!!

I have just received my DJI OSMO Action camera and I am going to share my experiences as I learn what it is all about. Packaged in a small and tidy box where all of the details of the camera are clearly advertised. The box contains the camera and the camera housing as well as two mounts (one curved and one flat), battery and battery case, USB C charging cable (no brick), and a mounting screw. You will need to download the DJI Mimo app, which is available on both Google Play and the Apple