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iPad Pro Gen 4 – LiDAR

I finally had a chance to try the greatest feature of the new Gen 4 iPad Pro machines, and I am not left disappointed. I took about 5 minutes to scan 2 rooms, the entry and a staircase using the RoomScanLiDAR app and these are the results. I did not spend a lot of time trying to get details behind or under the furniture, or into corners, etc. as it

Tinwoo wireless earbuds

OK, I am the first to admit that i ‘generally’ will steer clear of cheap Chinese electronics, but lately I have had a string of incredible luck! I purchased a pair of VHF handheld radios by Yaesu and they are just plain awesome and the easiest radios to work with, my favorites so far… so great that I also bought a truck mounted VHF radio as well – amazing! Then,

DJI OSMO Action – YES!!!

I have just received my DJI OSMO Action camera and I am going to share my experiences as I learn what it is all about. Packaged in a small and tidy box where all of the details of the camera are clearly advertised. The box contains the camera and the camera housing as well as two mounts (one curved and one flat), battery and battery case, USB C charging cable