I did a thing

I did a thing

It is the end of an era in the Gutty home. I have sold my very faithful HP Z820 beast of a workstation which I have been using as my day to day everything computer for the past 5 years. It had almost everything a power-user could want in a machine.. almost.

Weighing in at almost 60 lbs. as mine was configured, and with whopping dimensions of 17.5 x 8.0 x 20.7 in without monitors! The price one used to pay for performance was fourfold 1. Price 2. mass and size 3. energy consumption, and 4. Noise! The fans on this thing sounded like a jet engine when doing memory and processing intensive tasks. After several years of completely faithful service, she still netted me a cool $1600 & with the sale of my 2020 M1 MacBook Pro, I was able to purchase my new super computer – and all under 3.5 lbs. all loaded up. Meet the newest (and only) member of my team – This is “RendRRBeast”, a 2021 MacBook Pro 14″ & I am pretty hopeful that it will handle anything I can throw at it. I mean, I was confident enough to sell “The Beast” in order to purchase it. I will keep you posted either way.

Quick Edit: This MBP 14″ is a beast, but any Windows users – beware! I was unable to upgrade my older version of Windows 10 for ARM for unknown reasons – I tried every suggestion that I could find on the forums. No luck. I loaded Windows 11 for ARM and it is fast and beautiful but I am unable to find ANY printer drivers that work for my Fargo Card printers and that is a deal breaker and the only reason I wanted to load windows on this little bad boy. My solution is not elegant – I have loaded up an old workstation that I have kicking around to host the printers and the related software. So much for a one computer office solution.


Hey Elon, please send me a Starlink system and sponsor me so I can just disappear into the bush with my computer!