Smart Business cards from

Smart Business cards from

A few months ago – we did an experiment where we ordered blank NFC cards from Amazon, printed some labels & attached them and then programmed them with some specialized software. It was very cool and reasonably economical… sadly, the solution had a very short lifespan. The ink would smudge quickly, the process itself was cumbersome and the printers & software to print the actual cards can go into the ten’s of thousands of dollars. After our mostly failed experiment, we did some shopping around and found these little beauties! Smart business cards from – We just received our Kard6 smart business cards and these are super cool! With a simple tap or a QR scan, you can share whatever data and links you want with potential customers, friends, and anyone who has a smart phone!

You can order basic cards or have your own completely custom business or social cards and they start around $17 for a basic version and $40 for an amazing, fully custom version.

They were super-quick and local to me, which is what grabbed my attention.

Check them out – – a few samples below.


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