Month: September 2020

Rebooting the audio for my podcast.

Sorry about the quick F Bomb at the beginning! I tried to edit it out in Anchor before posting… still there. Opinions and feedback wanted. Please have a listen to 1 or 2 of my podcasts before listening to this one. I have made a trade for some pretty high end microphones and I am hoping to delete the Rode PodMic and the boom arm that always has to be within 5 inches of my mouth for consistent sound. I have mounted a pair of AT4073A microphones above my main LED panel and they are

So far behind, But catching up!

I have been a writing fool lately! We have 2 new podcasts waiting to be released, and I am currently scripting a 3rd and sourcing some video for that. New gear reviews are forthcoming as I am also way behind on those. Coming up soon: Drone VS. Drone. My reviews and other info on my Parrot Anafi Work, my DJI Mavic Air 2, as well as comparisons between those 2 flying masterpieces (each are awesome for different reasons). I have another exciting project which has swallowed up a massive portion of my writing time and

Rebooting! This Crazy Ride Podcast is now in full swing.

New TCR Episode released Sept 13 2020. COVID 19, life, and work all threw big curve balls at me for a while and I was completely distracted from my work here. Lately, things on the COVID front have calmed down a little. Work?? What is that? – there is no such thing in Canada for people in my line of business. I have a new studio, some new gear, a newfound drive to REBOOT and I am ready to go! previously… before the shit hit the fan: All of the equipment purchased, the studio has