Phantom 5? DJI Event – September 8.

I received a mysterious email from DJI about 40 minutes ago with this photo and a link to “learn more”… sure, sure. The general consensus is that it is not for a Phantom 5 release at all, but rather for OSMO Mobile 5. What do you think? I am putting my money on the Phantom 5 series drones this time and, for a few reasons: I think DJI is losing favor with a LOT of consumers (professional map makers, etc.) over their lack of interest in making some of their VERY advanced consumer drones more

Birthday Steak – $42 Tomahawk

Best. Steak. Ever. Shout out to Kolb’s Fine Meats and Sausage in Olds, AB for this fine piece of beef! Also thanks to Backcountry Recreation in Red Deer and Alberta based Louisiana Grills for providing me the hardware to make this happen. Salt and pepper the Tomahawk at room temperature. Rest on counter while the grill is getting up to temperature and then settling to 230 F. Add fresh Rosemary and a little olive oil to the top. Prepare the meat probe as this is going to be a low and slow cook and then

Electronic Business card hack!

Coming tomorrow, when my NFC tags arrive, I will film a nice little hack so that you can create your own professional business cards where you can tap and share your card with any NFC enabled phone / tablet just like the $100 cards that you can purchase from V1ce, Tappy, Tap Tag and many others. Here are the major advantages to this method… you can have multiple designs, multiple partners and employees all with this technology for a fraction of the cost. Also, if you want to change your design up a little –

Yes, read the book!

The page above is a capture of my “Your Special Year” calendar on my iPad Pro. It reminded me to pick this book up for the second time today for a little review! Here is a photo of my copy. It is still in pretty good condition considering how many times I pick it up in a week. I am reading it for the 6th time in almost 4 years, plus I listened to the audio book a few times… and while I am not YET rich in money, there are some serious pearls of

M1 MacBook Pro 13″ & all the goodies!

With just one week before WWDC 2021 (June 07) and with all of the rumours swirling surrounding the imminent release of the new 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro’s, I decided to pull the trigger and buy an M1 MacBook Pro. I had this fat Apple store credit from an old 2013 Mac Pro that I had traded in that was burning a hole in my pocket… and I just had a feeling that ALL of the predictions were false. Fast forward to today – July 25, and the rumours have started again, but I am

Quest for the perfect burger

I have just purchased a Louisiana Grill 800 Black Label and I am on a mission to create the perfect burger! I am only 2 attempts in and I think I have already had 2 of the top 5 burgers of my lifetime. So far, the recipe itself could not be simpler: Lean ground beef, kosher salt and black pepper on both sides, Worcestershire sauce applied after 2 minutes on the grill. Old cheddar added before resting the meat on the grill. Once cooked and left to rest for a few minutes, served on a

Depression, anxiety and malaise

My Apologies to anyone who is actually visiting my site for new content. I have been suffering from depression and have had zero creative initiative for many months now. The Podcast (s) changes and additions were well into the planning stages, including some travel dates – which have all been pushed back at least a month. I am suffering the loss of one of my very best friends in the world, not to mention many other negative byproducts of the COVID pandemic and fallout. I am trying to dig myself out of the hole, but

Timelapse painting

20+ hours of painting compressed into a few minutes of 4K video. Kristin, of HamFist.Ink Tattoos getting back to her roots during lockdown. Enjoy! Give her some love at: or #timelapse#video#paintingtimelapse#oilpaintingvideo#selftaughtartist thankyou for all your #computernerd help im looking forward to more of these! #canadianart#canadianartist#albertaart#albertaartist#innisfail#reddeer#reddeerartist#paint#dowhatyoulove#tattooartist#canadiantattoos#canadiantattooartist