Birthday Steak – $42 Tomahawk

Birthday Steak – $42 Tomahawk

Best. Steak. Ever.

Shout out to Kolb’s Fine Meats and Sausage in Olds, AB for this fine piece of beef! Also thanks to Backcountry Recreation in Red Deer and Alberta based Louisiana Grills for providing me the hardware to make this happen. Salt and pepper the Tomahawk at room temperature. Rest on counter while the grill is getting up to temperature and then settling to 230 F. Add fresh Rosemary and a little olive oil to the top.

Prepare the meat probe as this is going to be a low and slow cook and then a reverse sear once the beef gets up to 140 F internal temperature. Once the grill settled down to a nice steady 230, I placed that bad boy directly over the firebox on the grill. It remained untouched until the desired internal temperature was reached.

Once the grill told me the steak was at 140 F (about 44 minutes), I pulled it off and maxed the temperature on the grill and opened the sear plate. We waited a few minutes for it to reach maximum temperature, then placed the Tomahawk back on for 1 minute per side. Once seared, we plated it and let it rest for almost 15 minutes before removing the bone and slicing it in half and serving it up.

Also, check out those large mushrooms on the grill! These were the best shrooms ever with garlic butter and lemon pepper brushed on before placing pan on the grill for about 30 minutes… turning occasionally. PS. do not worry about what is inside the tinfoil… it is just beets… the best way to serve them up is to plate with a bit of sugar and then scrape them directly into the bin.

I repeat. Best. Steak. Ever.


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