Rebooting the audio for my podcast.

Rebooting the audio for my podcast.

Sorry about the quick F Bomb at the beginning! I tried to edit it out in Anchor before posting… still there.

Opinions and feedback wanted. Please have a listen to 1 or 2 of my podcasts before listening to this one. I have made a trade for some pretty high end microphones and I am hoping to delete the Rode PodMic and the boom arm that always has to be within 5 inches of my mouth for consistent sound. I have mounted a pair of AT4073A microphones above my main LED panel and they are pointed at my forehead. Listen with headphones please and let me know if the sound quality is good enough to use for my podcast. Thanks so much. 

I have been getting some feedback in the last little while and I love to hear it, so keep the comments coming – I appreciate it.


Hey Elon, please send me a Starlink system and sponsor me so I can just disappear into the bush with my computer!