iPad Pro Gen 4 – LiDAR

iPad Pro Gen 4 – LiDAR

I finally had a chance to try the greatest feature of the new Gen 4 iPad Pro machines, and I am not left disappointed. I took about 5 minutes to scan 2 rooms, the entry and a staircase using the RoomScanLiDAR app and these are the results. I did not spend a lot of time trying to get details behind or under the furniture, or into corners, etc. as it was meant to be just this… a 5 minute test. The potential is amazing – I have been working with 3D data for years and I am incredibly excited to see where this tech is going to go in the near future. I wajs also able to export .dae files – COLLADA 3D, which are compatible with many viewers and suites to view and manipulate the data. I am impressed and incredibly excited to see where this goes.

My version of wallet, watch, keys.
These are the essential items in my bag that ensure I am always on the ready to capture something awesome.


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