Tutorial For Remote Podcast Guests

Contact dave@djgutts.com, and we will arrange a time for recording the material for the podcast. At this time, you should provide your signed media release consent form and your Bio (Sample Bio Here) – please be sure to include some photos for use in the advertising of the Podcast.

Please download and install the Discord APP and connect a microphone to your device, whether it be a telephone or a computer.. it is highly recommended that you use a high quality microphone and headphones, though a set of earbuds with a microphone will still provide decent results and passable audio quality. The Discord App is free, but you will have to create an account which takes only a few minutes. After the APP is installed and the microphone / headphones are connected and recognized, you will be asked to contact Dave for an invitation to my broadcast network. Thank You! We really look forward to talking with you and creating some unforgettable content.