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*New* Episode 9 – 4166 Days *New*

I just felt like talking today. The last episode that I published was only online for a few days before I decided to delete it, and the three episodes that I have recorded in November and December did not make the cut with regards to audio quality.

Touching on topics of mental health, new restrictions, family and home life, work and career – or lack thereof. 4166 Days without a cigarette and I am still an addict – like Randy and his cheeseburgers!

New gear being used Zoom Podtrak P4 – pretty awesome little piece of gear!

Episode 7.5 – Rebooting the Audio Setup

Sorry about the quick F Bomb at the beginning! I tried to edit it out in Anchor before posting… still there. Opinions and feedback wanted. Please have a listen to 1 or 2 of my podcasts before listening to this one. I have made a trade for some pretty high end microphones and I am hoping to delete the Rode PodMic and the boom arm that always has to be within 5 inches of my mouth for consistent sound. I have mounted a pair of AT4073A microphones above my main LED panel and they are pointed at my forehead. Listen with headphones please and let me know if the sound quality is good enough to use for my podcast. Thanks so much.  I have been getting some feedback in the last little while and I love to hear it, so keep the comments coming – I appreciate it.

Episode 7 – New Studios

The theme of this episode is – new studios. A short recording from my new studio where I touch on where I have been, what I have been listening to… or mostly not listening to and the direction of this podcast going forward. This is a REBOOT of this podcast – I am extremely excited to have a chance to produce more content and plan to create often! Thanks for listening!

S01 E07 – Remote Caller Debaucle

I deleted this episode due to a comedy of technical errors on my end while attempting to do a remote podcast with an dear and interesting friend. New Episode 7 above!

S01 E06 – Ana Talks Apocalypse – Part 2

We are talking about being stuck at home….  crazy times for kids and adults alike. Just another silly conversation!

S01 E05 – State of the Union with Ana

Coronavirus fears, cancellations and what life might look like going forward into the future. Also, just a lot of nonsense as we have a conversation about the past weeks goings on.

S01 E04 – Happy New Year with Ana

Ana wanted to share the sounds while she eats her pasta – recorded on New Years Day 2020 – Welcome to the new decade!! Day 2 using the RØDECaster Pro.. changed some settings – I turned on “noise gate” and it seemed to mess with the audio a little bit. RØDE has some great videos on their RØDECaster Pro pages and there is an excellent recommendation with regards to “noise gate”, where you  change the Strength setting to medium from strong or soft from medium. See the video linked below for a great tutorial from the RØDE people. I am really loving this machine, and will be posting a lot more content about it both here and on my page – also linked below.  RØDE tutorial

S01 E03 – Quick Interview with L’il G of Vlogs with Gavin and Michael

Introducing my Son Gavin – Co-Founder of Vlogs with Gavin and Michael for a quick interview about their YouTube page and today (10 minutes prior to beginning recording), we also un-boxed the new RodeCaster Pro and fired it up along with a Rode PodMic (Dave) and a Behringer XM1800 Mic (Gavin). This was the first time this equipment was used all together, no prior soundchecks or tests…. I think it sounded pretty great. We will be tweaking the setup in the days to come and there will also be more content very soon! Thanks for listening and do check out their YouTube page @ HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

S01 E02 – Misophonia

I am pretty wheezy in this episode… I just had a shot of my inhaler as I have been a little under the weather. There is an update about some equipment enhancements, and future episode ideas including a possible regular remote guest spot with Baud, who is a dear friend living in Mexico. Also, a quick recap about my debut episode “Inaugural Snack”, featuring a hilarious review left on Apple Podcasts. PS, still no correct guesses on the snack from Episode 01 so get those emailed to me! Things get a little weird for me in this episode as I am wearing headphones and I can hear my own voice as I monitor the recording levels – I think this really messed with my head as I became very aware of my own voice (which I hate!!) and faded off into LaLa land more than once – so, apologies for that! Also Publishing on YouTube – S01 E01 – Inaugural Snack There is not a lot to say about this episode, as it features only myself and my short “Inaugural Snack” bit. I keep this episode brief as I preview one of my inexpensive USB microphones in the very loud & temporary makeshift studio which is in the busiest part of our home – the “Breezeway”. Have a listen, and see if you can guess my snack… I will send the first successful listener a bag of these delicious treats.  Go easy, this is my first session for this new Podcast – I promise that there will be future episodes with much more content so stay tuned! Contest participants can send their “Inaugural Snack” guess to:

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